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About Me

Morning stroll with my elder son. Photo by my wife.

This blog is an attempt to capture my reflections and learning from my 1 year sabbatical. 2 years ago, my wife took leave to take of our elder son, now it’s my turn to take leave for our younger son.

gohawaypapa is a name given to me by my elder son. He uses it on me whenever he is angry or whenever mummy says daddy made her upset. Interestingly, it has grown on me and we get amused everything he frowns and uses it on me.

My reflections come mainly under 4 themes: Fatherhood, Finance, Future and Faith

Fatherhood: I hope to capture some of the ideas I’ve gathered/learnt in trying to manage my threenager who’s starting to assert his decisions and identity. I hope to do this without having to resort to any extreme measures like punishment or threats, etc…

pixabay free images, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finance: There are already so many blogs that cover the field of finance, I don’t see much value-add in writing about this. I may consider removing this space in due time. I’ll keep it here for now.

Some road in Tasmania

Future: I’ve been in the education sector for 17 years. Blessed with 2 sons, it’s a good opportunity for me to reflect on what’s next.

Faith: I hope to journal some of my personal thoughts and insights I’ve gathered in this journey of faith in an accessible way (aka without sounding preachy).

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