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Insurance against the dark side

Faith in humanity restored is insignificant if faith in humanity did not get lost in the first place. These 4 words that we often see being posted in social media is a hint that humanity has a tendency to gravitate to the dark side. Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads toContinue reading “Insurance against the dark side”

Protecting from the randomness of life, Preparing for a life of randomness

Cristian V., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons Over the Chinese New Year weekend, most of Singapore was probably following the Tanjong Pagar accident. As a parent of 2 young children, the accident left echoes of fear within my heart. Reading this post by Michael Han – How do you protect your child from theContinue reading “Protecting from the randomness of life, Preparing for a life of randomness”

3 things to align for the next step forward

Many years ago, I remember tuning in to the news of a lady trapped in a roundabout for 50 rounds until the police had to come to escort her vehicle out. Navigating a high traffic roundabout could be one of the toughest driving situation to be in. When you are not sure which exit toContinue reading “3 things to align for the next step forward”