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Taking a stroll with my older son

Why corporate team-building events don’t work

In the book “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek, Chapter 20: Friends Matter, he proposes that when people come together outside of work contexts, they build friendships and when friendships are built, cooperation happens, even if they come from different political parties. Many organisations engage vendors to conduct team-building activities for their employees and hope…

Objection vs Rejection

Objection and rejection are same but different. Both take the form of “No” but the target is different. My son’s nightly routine is to drink milk while watching an episode of his favourite cartoons. Afterwhich, he would turn off the TV (we make sure he is the one to do it so it is a…

The mind of a child is no man’s land

The mind of a child is no man’s landWhose geography is shaped by the forces of our handsInvaded by fearCowering in traumaFlooded with tearsCrying for mamaLifted in joyDiscovering a new toyThe curve of that smileExtends for a mileLaughter escapes in his sleepAt a memory he chose to keepThat plot of land has found its claimantA…

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