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Why corporate team-building events don’t work

In the book “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek, Chapter 20: Friends Matter, he proposes that when people come together outside of work contexts, they build friendships and when friendships are built, cooperation happens, even if they come from different political parties. Many organisations engage vendors to conduct team-building activities for their employees and hopeContinue reading “Why corporate team-building events don’t work”

The mind of a child is no man’s land

The mind of a child is no man’s land Whose geography is shaped by the forces of our hands Invaded by fear Cowering in trauma Flooded with tears Crying for mama Lifted in joy Discovering a new toy The curve of that smile Extends for a mile Laughter escapes in his sleep At a memoryContinue reading “The mind of a child is no man’s land”

3 tools to build healthier relationships

I just joined the respectful parenting Facebook group. While exploring the group, I discovered that Facebook has a guide module. This guide module allows users to craft and package content for other users. I tried following one of the guides (30 days of calm and connection) and shall attempt to summarise the things that stoodContinue reading “3 tools to build healthier relationships”

Our 1st staycation, with 2 sons, 3 lessons learnt

It’s been a long time since I last wrote something. When I started my 1 year leave, I told myself that I’d give myself the first term of school to relax. One quarter of my leave is already over! So I’ve been busy. Started learning, attending courses, reading stuff, learning new skills and it didn’tContinue reading “Our 1st staycation, with 2 sons, 3 lessons learnt”