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A phase forgotten, A face remembered

Mustering every ounce of strength, this 7 month old is attempting to scale to the summit of the mountain of pillows. He risks banging his head against the rock wall, thankfully someone is there to cushion his head if it happens.

Occasionally, he stops and turns to glance at me, flashes a smile that says “I’m glad to see you here”, charms me to bits, then continues his mountaineering.

Neural connection formed. This face was with me during this “ordeal”. For me, a neural connection was also formed. This face flashed a smile at me during this “ordeal”.

What ordeal? 2 months+ into a no-income year. Not exactly an ordeal, but certainly out of the ordinary for a dad who could still go to work but chose not to. There are days I question if this is a right choice, I question what am I doing with my time, others question what am I doing.

I recently met with another 2 Part Time Working Mums, they shared about how family and friends (not all, just some) judged them for having an education, but ending up as stay home mums. Imagine how much more that judgment if you changed mum to dad.

But at the moment, when we exchanged smiles, I knew it was worth it.

Years down the road, this phase will be forgotten, but that face will always be remembered.

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