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My son’s punchline

This morning’s journey to school was tough, but the worst part was what happened when he reached school.

At 3am, my son was semi-awake and said he didn’t want to go to school. We asked about bullying, about his classmates, nothing concrete. We made jokes, he laughed, eventually he agreed to go school (yeah right) then went back to sleep.

This morning, after some struggle, we convinced him to leave the house by tellig him that we were going to buy newspapers and he gets to pay the cashier. But he still refused to go to the car after that. So I went with the flow, let him lead me around the neighbourhood searching for pineapples growing, black cats, dogs, papaya plants, fish tanks, etc… Sounds fun right? I could actually take photos of it, compile them and it will look like the 10% of parenting that made it to Instagram.

We finally did make it to the car seat, then he struggled and told me he pooped. Back to square one, we went home to change diapers and the struggle to leave the house began all over again. At one point, I was so desperate that I took an entire box of toys and said let’s bring this to school. Fail.

If you can’t bring a child to leave the house, bring the house along with the child.

That worked for us. My mum said she will come along to send him to school.

And here’s the climax, I don’t know to laugh or to cry…

When we reached school, he didn’t say goodbye, he didn’t wave, he forgot to hug, he was all smiles and he skipped and hopped in. I could literally hear him saying

What took you so long to send me to school? Look at the fun I’m missing!

2 thoughts on “My son’s punchline

  1. Hi Gohawaypapa,

    Mine sometimes will throw tantrum about school too. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve:

    1) My son likes routine, maybe a bit too much. As long as I said this is the routine for this particular day, he’ll accept it without much grudges. Let’s see how long it will take for him to grow over this lol

    2) I recently set up a star rewards chart – more to motivate him to do things he don’t like to do, like brushing. I place the chart at a prominent position where everyone can see, so will hold a little elaborate ceremony whenever he got a star. Hopefully that will push past some of his initial reluctance.

    3) I find that inculcating a kid from the cartoon or books he read will make things a little easier. If we’re talking about school, i’ll find songs from youtube or books that talks about children going to school. Sometimes if they like a character so much, they will follow. Hit or miss. My son eats tomato because (I think) he like turbo the snal lol


    1. Hi LP, he’s broken all routines lately, so that option is out. But I’m going start testing a rewards chart or routine chart and see how it turns out.

      Will find out next week. Keeping fingers crossed.


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