Reflection while running

1 February 2021

I ran 2 times today. The last time I did this was 20 years ago. I still remember going for a run on the morning of Sept 11 and came back to the officers’ mess to see the news about the attack on World Trade Centre.

It’s been a month since I last ran. Played soccer on 31 Dec and got an abrasion on my shin that eventually turned into an infection that took a month to heal.

So I thought I needed some distraction while I ran so that I wouldn’t focus on the exhaustion. A month had passed and I felt like I wasn’t progressing much in seeking direction for the next half of my life.

As I ran, I prayed. I remember 20 years ago, I was in India on a missions impact trip. There I found my calling.

To impact the lives of young people by Imparting, Instructing, Inspiring and Influencing them to discover their God given purpose.

That saw me through 20 years. As I ran, I pondered what’s next. The distance I ran was too short, but 3 words found it’s home within my heart.


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